Message Series

  • Feb 18, 2018

    Pastor Eversley Lewis
    We are fully equipped by God to stand on the frontline of whatever battle He has called us to. Let's not shrink back. 

  • Feb 11, 2018

    Pastor Alonzo Johnson
    Pastor Alonzo Johnson of Believers Bible Fellowship shares his incredible and humbling story of God's plan to use his life despite his failings. 

  • Jan 07, 2018

    Various Speakers
    A series exploring the 5 purposes of Cornerstone. Why they are important and how we can live them out practically. 

  • Dec 31, 2017

    Pastor Joe Furbert
    An encouraging message as we look forward to all that God has in store for us in 2018. 

  • Dec 24, 2017

    Music & Arts Ministries
    A celebration of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

  • Dec 17, 2017

    Pastor Eversley Lewis
    We can make Christmas so busy, stressful and complicated. Usually because our focus isn't on Jesus. 

  • Dec 10, 2017

    Pastor Joe Furbert
    The bible tells us that in this life we will have troubles, but we can also have peace through those troubles. 

  • Nov 19, 2017

    Various Speakers
    Understanding what God can do in and through our lives when we choose to forgive. 

  • Nov 12, 2017

    Pastor Joe Furbert
    Sometimes we need a reminder of who God is and all that he has done for us. 

  • Nov 05, 2017

    Pastor Joe Furbert
    The Christian life is not about our accomplishments or possessions, it's about who we know - Jesus Christ.